Only the grace of God could transform a south Memphis trumpet player, a north Memphis church-going geek, and a west-coast agnostic, and bring them together into a multiethnic disciplemaking community. Yet starting in 1982 and continuing to the present, that is exactly what He has done.

Grace is elder led and congregationally governed. The three serving elders oversee the three functions indicated for the office in scripture: teaching/preaching (presbuteros), oversight (episkopos), and shepherding (pŏimainō):

Senior Pastor/Discipling Elder — Mark DeMire, Sr.

Pastor Mark’s ministry area includes preaching, teaching, discipleship, worship, and pastoral counseling.

Administrative Pastor/Elder — Maurice Henderson.

Elder Maurice’s ministry area includes overseeing ministry structures, facilities, and finances.

Shepherding Pastor/Elder — Larry Hughes.
Elder Larry’s ministry area includes pastoral care within the church and outreach outside the church. 


Under these three ministry areas, deacons work in specific tasks. For example, the shepherding/pastoral elder is assisted by an Inreach Deacon (care within the church) and an Outreach Deacon (evangelism and care for our community).