Grow in Grace - As a Disciple Who Makes Disciples

After coming into a relationship with Christ, He provides an environment in which we can grow as His disciples. That environment is the Church. Some think of “church” as a building, or a denomination, or meeting place for holy rollers or hypocrites. But the Church is really a spiritual hospital — a place to heal from the sickness of sin and learn to live the abundant life that God offers us. It is a place to “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pe 3:18).

The Community of Grace is one local part of the Church universal where you can grow in God’s grace. Our core growth units are Grace Groups, which meet in homes during the week to see what the Bible has to say about knowing God more intimately and living lives that are pleasing to Him. Grace Groups work out what it means to live in community and care for one another. In short, they are a key functional structure for discipleship.

If you’d like to connect to a Grace Group to see what they are all about, please come and meet us at worship Sunday morning and we’ll find a fit that works best for you.
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