Extend Grace - Reaching Out to Memphis

As we begin to grow in grace, we also learn to extend grace to others. There are many scripturally sound, worthy — and we think necessary — extensions of grace: caring for the poor, the alien, the orphan of broken relationships, the unjustly dispossessed, the outcasts, the environment. But the most richly eternal and loving extension of God’s grace is giving away the gospel — the incredible news that Jesus came to rescue us from sin and bring us into a right relationship with God.

The Community of Grace is ready to equip you to extend the grace you received by:

  • Helping you understand and articulate your salvation experience and the scriptural plan of salvation, so that you can make God’s rescue plan clear to others.
  • Providing opportunities to share the gospel within your sphere of influence and in the Berclair/Highland Heights community.
  • Providing opportunities to serve our community with visionary compassion.
  • Providing a loving community in which you can extend grace to fellow believers so that they will be built up as disciplemakers.
  • Developing a world vision for extending the gospel and the call of discipleship to all nations.